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ERGObaby Baby Carrier by ERGObaby

from £99.90

The award-winning ERGObaby Baby Carrier is one of our best selling carriers due to its versatility and ease of use.  It offers three carrying positions - front, back or hip, and can be used from birth (with infant insert) right up to toddler, making it a great investment.  Ditch your pram and buggy on trips out and holidays while keeping your baby safely supported and close to you - just where they want to be!  The ERGObaby carrier is available in a variety of fabrics and colours, so your baby can travel in comfort, safety and style.


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Born is an authorized retailer FOR ERGObaby. Our trained staff are available in both Born stores to demonstrate the ERGObaby products and to fit you with the right carrier for your body shape, your baby's needs and your budget.

Recommended Age:

  • Suitable from around 4 months on its own (7-18kg) or from birth (3-7kg) with infant insert available to purchase separately. 



  • Gold, Best Sling/Carrier/Back Carrier, Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards 2012/13



  • 3 carrying positions: On the front facing in, on the back and on your hip
  • Ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth. 
  • Disperses most of the baby's weight between the hips and thighs, which helps to eliminate compression of the spine
  • Balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders, and alleviates physical stress for the parent.  The carrier has a wide back support to make sure weight is on your hips and not on your upper back and shoulders.
  • You can breastfeed your baby whilst wearing the Ergo in the front carrying position.
  • Made predominantly from cotton (excluding plastic clips and zips)
  • Each carrier has a sleeping hood with elastic, adjusts in length to growth of baby.
  • Machine washable - cold, gentle cycles, mild detergent, no bleach. In spite of instructions on label, we recommend that you DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
  • Detailed instruction booklet included.
  • Designed in the USA. The non-organic version is manufactured in China and the organic version is manufactured in India.


Specifications and Safety information:

  • 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood
  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
  • One inch, high density foam in shoulder straps
  • Quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt
  • High Quality buckles tested by SGS
  • Waist belt circumference from 25" to 43" - waist extender available to purchase seperately
  • Fits from 5' to 6'5" body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • High quality webbing, matched to carrier color
  • Reinforcement stitching used at all fabric intersections
  • Interior rip-stop reinforcements at critical intersections
  • Durability/strength tested up to 90 pounds


 Sometimes, this product may show up as Not Available or with a long leadtime. This is because we do not hold stock for months and months, prefering to to work closely with ERGObaby to provide Born customers with the most up to date versions and colours available. If you would like this product and it is showing as Not Available or has a long time until delivery, please email our Customer Services who will be happy to order it and advise on more exact lead times.


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Why people bought this product

“It was recommended”

“Its Awesome!”

“My daughter is extremely attached to me at the moment so it makes it hard sometimes to transport up and down the house without holding her, as she is now getting bigger a lot of weight is being placed in my arms and on my lower back which is giving me problems so I'm hoping with this it will leave my arms free also it is great for bonding, after reading reviews I found hat long term this is the better carrier especially for women who want their baby to be comfortable as well as theirselves even as they get bigger”   more

“I've tried out several slings and this is the easiest to use and really supportive for my 11-week-old baby. Will be so much easier than getting the pram out every time we go out and means we can go walking with her too!”

“It was recommended by someone who already owns one.”

“I loved the colour and its the best carrier on offer. I bought it to take my 9 month old son to his childminder and so we can chat the whole way there to make the most of our time together.”

“I heard good reviews”

“Personal recommendation”

“I have been looking for an additional structured carrier that my husband can use. Ergo has a good reputation and Born Direct was able to send me the carrier I wanted in a reasonable timescale.”

“I like the pattern of the fabric and everyone recommends this product.”

“I have test drove a friends and need one in my life! Brilliant product and my 5 month old seems very comfortable in it.”

“I wanted a good baby carrier so I don't have to take a buggy everywhere. The ergobaby carriers had good reviews.”

“a friend recommended it and we were looking for a more comfortable carrier than they Babybjorn one we have.”

“After reviewing many, many! Carriers and slings, the Ergo baby carrier seems to offer the best support for myself and my baby. I chose to buy it here as they sell the genuine product, where other places do not.”

“This sling offers better support for my baby's hips and keeps her legs in a " froggy" position.”

“My sport ergobaby's straps are too long to attach the raincover. I also love the colour, I have also got the performance carrier which is great for toddlers, this is for my very fussy newborn girl.”

“of the good reviews and after speaking to other parents who were using this item.”

“My sister used one for her child with great effect. I wanted to get the 360 but couldn't wait til later this year so have bought this as a temporary solution.”

“It was recommended by a friend, both the product and the company.”

“It was recommended to me by several different friends”

“my Son & his wife choose it”

“I chose this after looking at many baby carriers because they're best at supporting my little ones hips and you can get them in so many different colours.”

“A friend recommended it!”

“it is described as the only baby carrier you'll ever need and everyone i know who owns one says they are the best”

“My son and daughter in law have already purchased things from the Bristol store and are very pleased with their purchases and how well they were treated by the shop assistant.”

“I've been recommend this carrier by a few baby wearing mamas and I love the colour for my new little girl!”

“I like to carry my baby with me and she should be able to stay in this until she's around 3 years old.”

“daughter chose this item”

“It is a good carrier for my babies spine and I like the khaki colour. It is also comfortable for you to wear as the carrier.”

“My partner won't wear a mei tai so this is a compromise between the two! X”

“I met someone at my mum and baby yoga class with one of these carriers and I have struggled with the one I have giving me back ache and worrying that my baby was not well supported, but this one looked really good and having now read some reviews it seems very popular.”

“I tried one on in the shop and was instantly converted from my wrap carrier and had to buy it!”

“I bought a fake one on Ebay and Jasmine at your branch was extremely helpful and I wanted to ensure I bought the real deal and from a friendly small business. Many thanks! Nicky”

“I have heard nothing but great things about the Ergo. My baby is now nearly 8 months and has outgrown his current carrier”

“I have a Baby Bjorn carrier and I find it very uncomfortable. Friends have recommended Ergobaby.”

“So many people recommend it, and when I tried one on I could see why. Hopefully backache from carrying my chunky monkey will be a thing of the past!:)”

“recommended by friend and physio”

“I met a mum at the train station with an ERGObaby, carrying her toddler. I was really impressed with it and asked her what it was and whether it was good. She told me it was a fantastic carrier. I need something that is a step on from the stretchy wrap (Caboo) that I've carried my daughter in since she was born. She is now 9 months old and ready for a carrier like this.”

“friends have said that it's really comfortable and convenient for carrying around your little one and doesn't break your back!”

“it has been recommended to me by several people as a comfortable and supportive carrier”

“I have heard very good reports about this carrier from other mums.”

“It's really versatile and I'll be able use it for my newborn and my 20mth old. I also like the built in sunshade.”

“I have done lots of research into the carrier and decided this one was the best for my sister, and looks great too. I noted the concerns on fakes and was very careful to pick a genuine supplier.”

“I did a lot of research and ergobaby seems like the best sling. Lady in Stoke Newington showed me how to use it and was very helpful. Was also worried about far sites on the Internet!”

“It's an ergo AND zebra print! What's not to love :)”

“It felt comfortable and fitted both me and my partner well when we tried it out in the Stoke Newington store. The staff there were very patient, helpful and resourceful, and I felt supported trying on the different slings with my baby boy. I had previously had trouble with soft-structured carriers slipping off my shoulders, however, this ergo was just a perfect mach! It was both easily adjustable, and spread the weight comfortably to the hips. It was also easy to get on an off, which I tend to do a lot when traveling on public transportation in London.”

“Good for baby's body and my own, a nice colour & should last for years!”

“I have heard such good things about it. It is my 2nd attempt though as I unfortunately bought from a fake site initially”

“I am quite petite, and am beginning to struggle with my 8 month-old in a Baby Bjorn, but was inspired by someone else with a similar frame using this to carry her toddler.”

“It was recommended by a friend - I tried hers on and loved it! I ordered one from another site but it was a fake but my friend got gets from you so I knew it was reputable Look forward to receiving the goods”

“A friend recommended it”

“the product has great versatility and enables you to carry the baby in 3 different ways. Reviews for this item are excellent with no poor feedback at all.”

“it's the most comfortable carrier once the baby weights about 7 kg”

“it had good reviews, and looks like it might be okay for my massive one year old, and this seemed like a site that wasn't selling copies!”

“I have heard great reviews from others who bought this carrier.”

“My wife saw someone on bus with it!”

“My woven wrap sling, ellaroo, although brilliant until now, is starting to become uncomfortable. My daughter is 11 months and over 10kg. I tried my friends ergo and loved it. And today is payday!”

“every mum I know who has one recommended it highly. I didn't know about this type of carrier when I had my daughter but am looking forward to using it for my son.”

“I am a slave to fashion.”

“I have wanted an ergo for ages. I like the neutral colour of the outback.”

“The carrier has been recommended by a few friends as a brilliant carrier and I liked this colourway.”

“My wife told me she liked it.”

“It looks like the best for both my boy and my wife in terms of comfort and being able to stay in the carrier for a while so that he stays close with us. The colour was almost the only one that we both liked - the non plain colours / designs were a bit odd.”

“It was requested by my daughter”

“My friends recommended Ergo when I complained about my shoulder and back after using Baby Bjorn. I hesitated to buy a new sling as my daughter is 9 months old already, but they said I could use this until she's 2 years old.”

“Fantastic product, highly recommended, from experience.”

“it comes highly recommended :-)”

“It has been recommended by a friend”

“This product had good reviews.”

“it's lightweight, has back support and receives great reviews.”

“Pressie for a friend”

“I have heard great things about comfort and durability. Plus my wife likes the colour. Secretly I do too.”

“Of the great reviews i have read on this and other sites about this products comfort for baby and parent and its versatility.”

“It has consistently good reviews (and it was my 30th birthday present to myself).”

“ergo baby has been reccomended to me and I love the design !”

“It comes highly recommended to me by friends. I tried slings that you had to tie up with my first baby but found them too complicated. Your shop seemed to be one of the most straightforward online retailers approved by ERGObaby.”

“This is for my 3rd baby, my first with my new partner.... I didn't think I'd be having any more children and so gave away my old Ergo carrier I'd used with my first two babies. Ergo carriers are the best and I've tried a few different types of carriers in my time! Plus as I breastfeed (at least) up to 12 months, this is the best carrier I've found for feeding on the go.... So.... I had to have an Ergo for this baby too!”

“It's been recommended to me by other baby wearing mummies.”


“Online reviews and the fact it goes from newborn until 2/3 years old”

“I liked the look of your website, it was easy to work out and you had everything I was looking for, although I haven't bought it all yet! I also liked the way you explained your ethos. Thanks”

“I was looking for a baby carrier that holds the baby in sitting position and doesn't dangle the baby by the hip. This one met my requirements and also has great reviews. And the pockets are an added bonus.”

“I needed a baby carrier that would distribute the weight of my son more evenly and prevent back pain. I researched lots of carriers and ERGObaby was a name the kept coming up! After seeing lots of information on the dangers of purchasing fake ERGObaby's, i looked on ERGObaby's website for a seller......I checked out all available sellers in the UK, and BORN was the website that made me feel the most confident. It is eye catching and well thought out! The reviews of BORN match the reviews of ERGObaby and i can't wait to receive my genuine ERGObaby!”

“My daughter is 16mths and is getting a bit too heavy for me to carry her using the wrap-style slings and this is the best soft structured sling on the market. Can't wait to start using it!”

“I am looking for a carrier suitable for my newborn and that will last us until she is walking. The reviews on this all sound good and describe it as allowing you to carry babies/children until they are much older than alot of the other makes.”

“Julia Roberts has one”

“Of a friends recommendation”

“of the very good reviews and I like the fact that the baby's weight is distributed on the hips of the carrier and the baby is seated properly rather than hanging from its crotch.”

“After a lot of research into carriers, the ErgoBaby seemed to offer the most comfortable ride for my 12 month old daughter - safest for her spine and hips - as well as being easy to use and comfy for me!”

“ERGO says these slings will fit people up to 6ft 5 - many other we've seen are too small for tall people”

“Great reviews”

“So many people have told us that they wish they had started off with one of these and also to look out for fakes which is why purchased this item from a recognised ergo dealer”

“So many people have told us that they wish they had started off with one of these and also to look out for fakes which is why purchased this item from a recognised ergo dealer”

“I wanted a carrier that would allow me to carry my one-year-old comfortably and I'd read many positive reviews of this product.”

“My baby loves to be carried around all the time.I wanted a colour other than black and a colour that would look good on my husband too!”

“I have a very heavy baby! I currently use a ring sling but need something that distributes the weight more evenly and have read great reviews of the Ergo!”

“I love the fact it takes the weight on your hips rather than on your back. With quite a large baby this really helps when I carry him. It also feels like I'm hugging him when I've tried out friends ergo's which is perfect :)”

“the Ergo carrier was recommended to me by a friend. I'm going to the Olympics with my 2 month old and needed a carrier that would be comfortable, easy to put on and had a waterproof cover. I have other slings but this one seemed to have all the features I needed.”

“I was looking for a carrier to use long term with my baby and this one got great reviews.”

“It is a present for my niece who is having her first baby in September and it was her choice apparently on the recommendation of a friend.”

“it's a great baby carrier, very comfortable for me and baby!”

“i read a write up about ergo baby in the manchester eveing news today”

“i tried out a friends on the weekend and its so much more comfortable than other carriers for me and the baby!”

“heard great things about it.”

“My sister has one and she says it is amazing and no back pain.”

“I found it really comfy when I tried a friends and my baby fell fast asleep in it!”

“It has been recommended by my yoga teacher. it wasnt black so would be cooler for the summer but it was still the cheaper than the other colours”

“I have heard that it's a very good carrier and we don't get on with our sling.”

“many people recommended it to me.”

“An easy on/off carrier to carry my boy on my back”

“I was looking for a soft carrier which would give me more support. I have only used a soft sling so far but my child is getting heavier! I prefer to continue to carry my child at the front and it is important that I can easily use it myself. I tried various carriers. The Stokke one is too bulky and has too much harnass. The Manduca looked great, but didn't fit me very well. I like the Beco, but because of the harnass and safety buckles, more difficult for front carry and more difficult to undo on my own (better for back carry though, I think). They look better in my opinion, but my husband prefers more plain colours. Both Beco and Ergo carry very well, but because of the above reasons, I have decided on the Ergo. Kind Regards, Eva”

“I've read good reviews, friends have highly recommended, tried it out instore and thought it was comfortable and fabric was nice and soft.”

“So many people have recommended the ergobaby carrier it was a simple choice. Plus in this colour it is unisex enough for my husband to take a turn with it!”

“a friend recommended this, i tried hers on with my daughter and it was incredibly comfortable”

“I was given one when my first daughter was born and loved it. So i am buying it as a gift for a friend who is expecting. I found it very comfortable and with the baby insert, I used this more than the pram at the beginning.”

“I want a carrier that will be comfortable for me and my baby. It has great reviews.”

“I borrowed a friends' and its really comfy!”

“of the reviews. I need a sling that is comfortable for my back and easy to use. And also, it goes without saying, that is comfortable for my baby boy.”

“It comes highly recommended”

“my friend recommemded.”

“I looked into all the carriers to use for my baby while we're in London so that we can avoid bringing the double pram for him and my toddler. I needed one that was supportive for mum and baby and that he could sleep spend long periods in and also sleep in.”

“I have been really pleased with the Ergo that I borrowed from a friend. I wanted to buy from a trusted site and genuine Ergo supplier as I previously bought one through Amazon that turned out to be a fake!!”

“A friend recommended it”

“I need a comfortable carrier for my baby and also have hands to hold my toddler ;)”

“It's a well reviewed and medically rigorous product, unlike the Baby Bjorn, which seemed to be slightly more suited to active walking than the very similar but more urban Manduca.”

“I loved my Ergo when I used it for my son. It was incredibly easy and versatile to use when traveling as well as for everyday use. I highly recommend it.”

“many friends have recommended using an Ergo. I'm on my second baby and he is very very large so I need a carrier which will provide greater comfort for both me and him”

“It was recommended independently by several different people. I had thought about getting a simple tie-up material wrap but wanted the confidence of the straps etc that this has.”

“comes recommended”

“our other carrier has been outgrown and we wanted a new one to replace it as they are so handy! This seemed to be the best one for what we wanted and will last until our little one is happy to walk miles on her own!”

“I was initially looking at the baby bjorns as I wanted a front facing carrier but delving deeper into carriers and how babies are naturally instinctive to tuck their legs up when carried, the baby bjorn only seem to support a baby through the crotch area with their legs dangling downwards. This does not seem a good idea to me, putting unnecessary strains on their tiny body so after further looking, the ERGO should do nicely. I didn't go for the original ERGO as I thought the baby would get to hot. Was weighing up the Sport v Performance and although I am skeptical to the Sports detachable hood, the shoulder straps clinched it for me and should provide comfort for long 2-4 hour walks. Also reports of other people using their ERGO's when their children are 3yrs old sounded a good option if you get caught short whilst out and by arms free.”

“It is so beautiful. I had seen lots of adverts in breastfeeing matters for slings - the mag from La Leche League and almost bought one from there but I loved the pattern on this so much.”

“I keep hearing great things about the Ergo Baby Carrier! I went for the Sport because I have found that some other baby carriers, e.g. the Moby wrap, can get quite hot”

“was recommended by a friend”

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Name Rachbaby
From Romford
Status Mother
Youngest child 0-6 months
Owner Less than 1 month
2 years ago
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Love this carrier!
I chose this carrier to take my son to the Olympics in. It was so comfortable that although I had my buggy with me when we left the Riverbank stadium I kept wearing him. Super comfy - it distributes most of the weight  more across the hips, straps are thick and padded. The zippered pocket on the front is very convenient and the built in head support/shade cloth is brilliant. Very well made with everything you could want, right down to elastcs to tuck ends of the straps away. We felt very secure and can't recommend it highly enough. One of my best buys!
Attached photo:  Ergo at the Olympics
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Name josita
From London
Status Mother
Youngest child 13-24 months
Owner 6 months+
3 years ago
5 found this helpful
2 found this unhelpful
We love ergo
If there is one single product that i would recommend to new parents, it would have to be the ergo baby carrier. We simply love it.
I have two children (aged 3.5 and 18 months). I bought an ergo carrier and infant  more insert when my first baby arrived and didn't even own a buggy until i became pregnant with my second. Up to around 6 months old they snuggle up on your front leaving you hands free. And after 6 months old, you can swing them round on to your back which feels just like you're carrying a rucksack. it's comfy, supportive and all the weight of your child stays on your hips so it really doesn't hurt your back.
We invested in a second carrier when our second babe arrives so that we could go on long family walks and carry the eldest whenever he got tired.
They're not cheap but i still gave it 5 stars for value for money because they are so well made, strong and durable. Our 2 slings have been very well worn, stuck in the washing machine and are both still going strong.
Buy one and you won't regret it.
Was this review helpful?   Yes   No
Name Maxsmummy
From Cambridge
Status Mother
Youngest child 0-6 months
Owner Less than 1 month
3 years ago
3 found this helpful
1 found this unhelpful
Fantastic Ergo baby carrier
I bought this carrier for my newborn (with the newborn Insert) and I have been very pleased with it so far. It is comfortable and easy to use. My baby  loves being in it and falls asleep easily. When he is asleep and  more we get back home, it is really easy to remove him from the carrier undisturbed and leave him to sleep on top of the newborn insert. I have had Baby Bjorn and Moby carriers for my first 2 children but this is by far the best one. Expensive but worth every penny! The service from Born has been fantastic, with great communication and fast delivery. I would definitely recommend them and continue shopping with them!
Was this review helpful?   Yes   No
Name Katie
From Walthamstow
Status Mother
Youngest child 13-24 months
Owner Less than 1 month
3 years ago
3 found this helpful
1 found this unhelpful
Ergo baby carrier
I love this sling! My baby is 7 months old and was starting to get too heavy for me to carry comfortably in his baby Bjorn sling. My shoulders were really suffering. The ergo baby carries the weight at your hips so  more carrying my baby feels effortless. I bought the sling to allow me to walk my dog in the park without having to take the buggy and it's proving ideal. Putting my baby in the sling in the back carrying position will take a bit of practice but will be well worth it. The fastening is simple (unlike the stokke carrier) and takes no time to put on. It has a really handy pocket to carry some baby bits/keys etc. I think it will be really useful when my baby starts to walk - i will be able to carry him on my back when he gets tired and will save taking the buggy out. Well worth the money, I would highly reccomend! The staff at born were really helpful and let me try the sling as well as being able to give advice based on personal experience.
Was this review helpful?   Yes   No
Name Zoe
From Surrey
Status Mother
Youngest child 2 years+
Owner 6 months+
3 years ago
2 found this helpful
0 found this unhelpful
Best Carrier great support
I saw another mum using this carrier and thought it looked great and very useful so I then bought one, yes they are expensive but worth it as the money goes into the quality of the support you get.
We started using it  more around 8-9 months in front carry position and use it now in back carry with our nearly 3 yr old! I take her to nursery in it and she asks to go in it so obviously likes it too!
We do lots of country walks living in the surrey hills area and this allows us to do many walks that would not be possible with a buggy, I have also used it to carry her around at night so we could enjoy our holiday evenings whilst she slept! Used it for 3 nights and she slept well so its well supportive for her too.
I love the new colours that you can get it in now too! we got boring beige but it does then go with all outfits and suits my husband too.
It works fine for me as a 5 ft 4 person as goes round waist and sits on hips but my husband struggles a bit more and needs a bit of adjustment to be comfy for him as he is 6ft so longer in the body.
I highly recommend this carrier and will use it far sooner next time with the newborn insert as its so supportive and I have never had backache using this. I also like that it comes with its own small bag to store it in so if not using it it fits into our changing bag or under the buggy quite easily.
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