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Sitting pretty: choosing a high chair

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s sometimes difficult to have the whole family in one place at one time.  Here at Born, we’re firm believers that mealtimes offer quality time for all the family – and that includes your baby.

Share a meal with your little one, and they’ll have the chance to absorb chat and interact with family members. Not only does this help to develop your child’s social skills, but it also gives them a heightened sense of belonging within the family. Once your baby has been introduced to solid foods, they will enjoy watching the family share a meal. They’ll also be keen to put their observations into practice – even if that does involve food being smeared, thrown, spat and dropped along the way!

Admittedly, feeding your baby isn’t always a picnic. But, with the right high chair, it can be an enjoyable experience for all concerned. 

As with so many other purchases for your baby, there’s a lot of choice out there. Inevitably, you’ll have a number of practical considerations to chew over, too. Never fear.  This product guide lays out your options and helps you decide which high chair will best suit you, your baby and your home. 

Sitting comfortably?  Then let’s tuck in.

Your options

 Adjustable high chair

This is designed to grow with your child. It adjusts to seat a newborn baby, toddler or older child in safety and comfort. Some models can even be adapted to seat a fully-grown adult.

An adjustable high chair can last a lifetime – a bonus if you’re keeping an eye on the pennies, and the environment.

Suitable for: newborns through to older children/adults.

Two-in-one baby and toddler high chair

A key item from day one, this is initially used as a cosy cradle for your newborn baby. Later, it can be converted to an adjustable seat for your toddler.

Suitable for: newborns through to toddlers.

Toddler high chair

A traditional yet practical high chair for your toddler, this seat combines classic design with modern-day functionality.

Suitable for: children from six months to three years old.

Portable toddler high chair

This conveniently buckles or ties onto any sized chair. It can easily be packed into the car for outings, enabling you to feed your child when you’re on the go. 

Suitable for: children from eight months to two and a half years old.


Choosing what’s right for you

 As one of your child’s most frequently used items, the high chair will form an integral part of everyday home life – potentially for many years.  When deciding which high chair to buy, you should make sure your purchase meets your needs, and those of your baby. You should also ensure that it fits in with your family’s lifestyle right from the word go.

For example, have a think about:

Space at home:  Consider the amount of space you have to accommodate your new high chair.  What size of chair will fit best into your home, and will you be able to move around it easily? Work out where you’ll usually position the high chair, and how much floor space it will occupy.

Storage options:  When space is tight, or your dinner guests are on the doorstep, it’s handy to be able to store your high chair safely and neatly.  A lightweight toddler high chair offers just this versatility: it folds down to a shape that’s nicely compact, and easily stowable.

When you’re on the move:  You’ll find a toddler high chair easy to fold and pack into the boot of your car, as you and your family head off on a well-deserved day trip, overnight stay or holiday.

When you’re out and about:  Balancing a social life with your baby’s feeding routine is important. So, whether you’re meeting friends at your favourite restaurant or popping round to the neighbours’ for tea, a portable high chair will be just the ticket.

Design: For the style-conscious, a high chair’s design is likely to be just as important as its function. If your décor is traditional, the wooden finish of a classic adjustable high chair will blend seamlessly with the adult chairs at your table. But, if your tastes are more modern, a contemporary design may sit better in your home. Take care, though, when choosing the colour of your high chair: what may seem the perfect shade of purple today may not look so good when you’ve decorated in years to come!

Ease of cleaning:  It’s a fair assumption that mealtimes with your baby will involve an element of mess.  After all, trial and error is an important part of learning process. Since your high chair will inevitably be in the direct line of fire, it’s essential that every inch of it is easy to clean.  At the end of the day, the less time you spend tidying up, the more time you’ll have to enjoy with your baby.


Choosing what’s right for your baby

When your baby is happy at mealtimes, the whole family can enjoy the experience undisturbed. That’s why it is important for your highchair to keep your child feeling comfy and secure.

Your baby’s age is going to be a key consideration, as is the length of time you expect them to carry on using the chair. Here’s a quick guide to help you narrow down your options:

Birth to adult: Choose an adjustable high chair like the Tripp Trapp

Birth to toddler: Choose a two-in-one baby and toddler high chair like the Tripp Trapp with a Newborn set 

Toddler: Choose a traditional toddler high chair


Features to look out for

Wide base:  A high chair with a wide base and a low centre of gravity will be hard to tip over.

Harness: This will keep your child safely yet comfortably in place.

Support:  Check that the chair provides suitable support to your child’s head, neck, back, legs, and feet.

Adjustable seat height:  This brings a number of benefits. While your baby is young, you can adjust the seat to a feeding height that’s comfortable for you. Then, as your child grows and becomes more independent, you can alter the seat to match the height of the table. If you intend to use the chair in the long term, a high chair with height adjustment is an ideal investment. With the exception of the portable high chair, most models offer this option.   

Adjustable seat position:  The reclinable seat of a two-in-one baby and toddler high chair allows your child to sit upright, recline slightly, or even lie down completely when not feeding.  This feature is particularly valuable when feeding a young baby, not yet on solid foods, who finds it difficult to sit up straight. The reclining feature will also suit parents of toddlers who occasionally fall asleep at the table following a meal.

Adjustable footrest height:  An adjustable footrest is a nice add-on for toddlers and older children. This is a common feature on adjustable high chairs and toddler high chairs.

Foldable and lightweight:  If you’re going to need to store or transport your high chair from time to time, a toddler high chair that folds away tidily and doesn’t weigh too much will help no end. 

Wheels:  A high chair equipped with lockable swivel wheels will be handy when you need to manoeuvre it around the dining area, or from room to room.

Removable feeding tray:  This is a common feature of most two-in-one and traditional high chairs. Removable feeding trays are easy to clean, and the majority are dishwasher-proof. Many modern high chairs even have food trays that can be adjusted as your child grows. When removed altogether, they allow your toddler to sit up at the table with the rest of the family.

Wipe-clean or machine-washable surfaces:  Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces and a lack of crevices will take the hassle out of the post-meal clean-up operation. When your little one decides to empty the entire contents of a bowl over the chair, then easily cleanable covers will be a godsend. 



Once you’ve selected your new high chair, it’s time to give thought to the various accessories you might need.  Here are some to consider:

Harness: Does your high chair does not come fitted with a harness or support.

Liner: A snug liner inserted into a two-in-one baby and toddler high chair supports your newborn’s head, neck and lumbar spine throughout the first year.

Cushion: Added to an adjustable high chair, a padded cushion ensures both comfort and support for your toddler at mealtimes.


Why choose from Born?

 At Born, we understand the importance of selecting the right high chair for you, your baby and your home. But we also know that, as a parent, you’ve got quite enough on your plate already. That’s why we’re here to cut out the hard work, and make the high chair selection process that bit easier.

We’re well rehearsed in the art of seating baby happily at the table, and we love the chance to combine practicality with design.  So, when you buy your high chair from us, you will take home one that is:

  • Expertly designed for your child to sit at the table with your family
  • Adjustable to fit the height of your kitchen or dining room table
  • Safe, supportive and comfortable for your child’s growing body
  • Environmentally friendly


Do come and visit us in-store, so that you can see and try out our products. Or, simply give us a call for friendly and expert advice over the phone.  With more than 10 years’ experience behind us, we’re in a great position to help.

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