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Our list of useful resources are for sites and people or organisations we know personally, have worked with over the years and/or share our passion for informed choice and taking responsibility for those choices.


Free Relaxation for Pregnancy and childbirth

A complete set of recordings are available to download to your MP3 player or computer  to prepare you for birth and parenting. Includes a free explanatory PDF booklet and 4 full recordings by Tracy Holloway.


Our Expert Partners

My core group of partners who work with Born regularly Read my Blog to find out more about them

Juliana Houndsfield Osteopath Cofounder of the Family Practice Osteopaths

Amanda Rayment Master Hebalist and founder of Welcome World Cafe whose teas we sell in our stores and online.

Dominique Sakoilsky Co-founder of Relaxed Birth and Parenting

April Whincop La Leache League Leader and 1 to 1 breastfeeding support Believe in Breastfeeding.

Suzanne Yates - founder of Well Mother Shiatsu and massage


Our In-store course meetings and classes

Stoke Newington

Katrina Berry holds regular Hypnobirthing for Childbirth classes.

Naomi Stadlen facilitates the Mothers Talking group on Mondays.

La Leche League breastfeeding support meetings are held monthly in store.

Regular Baby Massage and Dad and baby yoga classes take place on Sunda and Monday mornings.

For an up to date schedule, please see our events page on Facebook


Fertility & Preconception

Planning to have a baby is an exciting time in a couple life.  Not every pregnancy is planned, some a just lovely surprise, unfortunately for some couples conceiving doesn't come easily. When getting pregnant is an issue you may want to check out some of these excellent resources and sources of help.

Zita West incorporates nutrion, lifestyle and medical advice to give your body the best chance of conceiving naturally

Marilyn Glenville is a great resource for all women's issues throughout their lives.

Fertility Solutions is a whole person fertility programme designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and couples looking to conceive.

Dr Northrup Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and the world’s leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Dr. Northrup is a leading proponent of medicine that acknowledges the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life.


Pregnancy Nutrition

Biocare nutritional supplements are made in the UK. To obtain a 10% discount on all purchases quote code 5870, you may need to phone up to place your order to ensure you get the discount. They also make supplements for all age groups, including vitamin drops for children.

There are a wide range of toiletries and supplements available from Nutricentre. When calling  quote ZZEMF010 for 10% discount.


Birth Preparation & Planning

Relaxed Birth and Parenting - From pregnancy yoga classes and birth preparation workshops to  providing a doula and  parenting workshops, everything we do is based upon our vast experience of working with women and their families. And our only aim is the one summed up in our name: to help you relax and make the most of life's most enriching experience.

One World Birth is a free online video resource for birth professionals, activists and parents who want to keep their finger on the pulse of birth around the globe today. The world's birth experts discuss the latest thinking & research in short, bite-sized video clips that are based around a central theme each month.

Mental Preparation for birth. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood by listening to hypnosis recordings. Kiristin Hayward has been teaching expectant mothers how to prepare mentaly for thir birth via her website Positive Birth


Post Birth Support

If you do not have family around to assist you in having a baby-moon, you may want to emply a Post Birth Doula. In Bristol we recommend Searching on The Bristol Doula Network's list.  For elsewhere please see the Doula UK website.

Lotus Birth is when the placenta is kept attached to the baby via the umbilical cord post birth.  The cord will naturally fall off 3-10 days after birth. The benefits of a Lotus Birth are predominantly emotional for parents and baby. The Lotus Birth website has lots of information on why and how to have a Lotus Birth.

Placenta Capsules can be made from your placenta after your baby is born. The process is called Placenta Encapsulation. The benefits of it are amazing and can be read about on the site.

The defination of a tramatic birth is in the ey of the beholder. If you feel you have had a traumatic birth then contact Birth Crisis, a support service started by Shelia Kitzinger. The Birth Trauma Association also offer support.



For Dads-to-Be & New Dads

Fathers-To-Be supports expectant and new dads by reinforcing their relationship with themselves, their partners their babies, and the health professionals caring for the family.

Why Dad's Leave is an excellent book and online resource guide for dad's to be


Parenting from Birth

At Born we support an Attachment Parenting philosophy in our attitude towards parenting and this is kept in mind in the products we sell.  This is why we support baby carrying, bed sharing and rear facing strollers as these maintain the inate sense of connection a baby is born with.  We believe that when this connection is maintained a child grows up with a sense of belonging and that 'all is right in the world' . The links below are for organisations that also encourage this way of parenting that is also more relaxed and at the pace of the child, so no measuring or inappropriate 'gadgets' that encourage a child to do things thet are physically not ready for, so no baby walkers, support seats or baby trainer guides or products.

Attachment Parenting UK is a fantastic resource website that also lists local groups. In Bristol there is a Yahoo group made up of local parents started by Eva in 2000. Details can be found via this link.

Babies Know is a fantastic online resource as well as provider of brilliant parent courses

Suzanne Zeedyk  researches the science of human connection and especialy a baby's ability to connect and communicate with other human beings.  Her work supports our belief that babies need to be kept close at all times to create a foundation of trust and belonging.

Baby Calm is a fast growing movement of mums and ante-natal and post-natal teachers who recognise the problems with 'baby training' . The alternative is Baby Calming, a non punitive way of calming your baby and keeping them bonded and content.  You can purchase the book in our stores and find out about classes via the link.

Scott Noellle's Enjoy Parenting site has a free email newsletter that sends  out parenting inspiration. The website is also a great source of information.


Parenting Magazines

A selection of online (and offline print) magazines with interesting articles

Juno magazine has been around for quite a few years now. It's a quarterly magazine avaiable by subscription or you can buy a copy in our shops.  The Juno website also has great articles.

ERGOparent is a brillinat online magazine from ERGObaby the makers of the ERGObaby carrier.

The Green Parent is a UK based subsciption magazine and online site with loads of interesting articles on eco/Green parenting

The Mother Magazine is a UK based subscription magazine, online site and Blog that supports 'natural' mothering. Some radical views sometimes and mostly reader written articles but stimulating topics.

Mothering is a great US subcription magazine and one I read when Maya was little as at that time there was nothing else. Some topics (thankfully) not relevant to us in the UK like Circumsision, Obstetricain led births (as opposed to midwife led in th UK).

Pathways to Family Wellness is a US based print and digitil sunsciption magazine but there is loads on their website too.


Blogs we like on parenting

PhD in Parenting - exploring the art and science of parenting from one mama's perspective

Analytical Armadilo - Interesting critiques on mostly breastfeeding research.



My friend and fellow Bristolian Lisa set up fhis fantastic pro-breastfeeding website called Lactivist.  Lisa used to be a customer of ours when her son was a baby.  There is also an associated Blog - the best breastfeeding resource on the internet

Breastfeeding online is a wealth of resources on the effects of medication on breast milk



Vaccination Awareness Network provides inormation to assist you in making an informed choice about vaccinations.


Introducing Solids

Babyled weaning is an easy hassle free way to introduce your baby to solids. The website is a great source of information, we also stock the book.

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