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The arrival of a baby is a beautiful time but working your way through the minefield of products and parenting ideas can be exhausting. Our guides aim to provide you with the help and information you need to make informed choices that suit you and your family, leaving you time for what is really important - being with your little one!


Why organic, ethical & natural?

Ethical, organic & natural products at BornWhy choose organic, ethical and low-impact products?

We all know about the benefits of organic food, but why do we need to think organic, ethical, and sustainable when buying clothes, furniture, toys and other gear for our babies and children?



Parenting Information

Preparing for a new baby at BornYour Birth Kit - Born's Guide for what you need to prepare for your birth, in birth and just afterwards.

Whether you are planning a birth at home, in a birth centre or a hospital, our guide will help you organise what you need to ensure the birth and the days following are comfortable and stress-free!


Baby Essentials for Newborns at BorndirectWhat do I need? - Born's Guide for new parents in the essentials needed for your baby and nursery

Knowing what you need before you and your baby need it is pretty difficult! We advise you about what you really need when starting on your parenting journey, and won't sell you things you don't!


Baby Moon & Parenting topics at BorndirectBaby Moon - what is Baby Moon, Why is it important and How to I do it?

The birth of your baby is a magical time that everyone wants to share, but we explain why cultures around the world prioritise the one-to-one time between parent and newborn and ask visitors to be patient!



Sizing Baby Clothes & Cloth Nappies at BorndirectSizing - Choosing the correct size of clothing and nappies for your baby or child

Check that you are buying the right sized cloth nappy or romper for your little one so that they are comfy and have room to grow!


Borndirect Guide to Pregnancy & Nursing Bra Sizing

Sizing Guide for Nursing Bras and Post Pregnancy Wear 

When you are pregnant or in maternity wear after the birth, your body is constantly changing shape! Find out about how you buy the right bras and breastfeeding tops to ensure you stay comfy and supported.



Born Guides to Baby Gear

Baby Carriers, Slings & Wraps at BorndirectBorn's Guide to Baby Carriers, Wraps and Slings

Babywearing and close carrying helps a baby feel secure and safe. Be confident in finding the right baby carrier for you and your child so you can keep them next to your heartbeat and close enough to kiss!


Baby Sleep Furniture at borndirectBorn's Guide to Baby Sleep Furniture

Wherever they sleep, it's important that your baby feels as safe and comfy as possible, but with shops and the internet full of cots, hammocks, co-sleepers, moses-baskets and more, which one is right for you and your child?


Highchairs at borndirectBorn's Guide to High Chairs 

Mealtimes with your baby and the rest of the family are for sharing chat and time with each other, as well as sharing food! We look at the highchair options and help you decide which will best suit you, your child and your home. 


Nursery Furniture at BorndirectBorn's Guide to Nursery Furniture

With a little one on the way, you’ll want to create a nursery that’s cosy, welcoming and practical. Our guide helps you think about style, storage and safety so you can feather your nest with the furniture that works for your and your family


Toiletries for Babies & Mothers at BornBorn's Guide to Toiletries

Be guided by our rule of "If you wouldn't feed it to your baby, don't put it on their skin" as we introduce our range of 100% natural, organic toiletries for babies, mothers and mums-to-be - all fully tried and tested by us!


Ethical & Fairtrade Toys at BorndirectBorn's Guide to Toys for Learning & Play

Avoid having unloved toys at the bottom of the toybox! Our guide illustrates the importance of choosing toys and gifts that support the development of your baby and spark the imagination of your child, to inspire play, not dominate it.


Real Natural Cloth Nappies at BorndirectBorn's Guide to Using Washable Nappies

Modern cloth nappies can be as easy to use and convenient as disposables and are a lot more environmentally friendly, but can be a bit daunting if you've not used them before. Our guide shows all the types available and helps you decide what you need for your baby.



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