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Sizing Guide for Nursing Bras and Post Pregnancy Wear

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Bravado Nursing and Maternity Bras and Tank Tops

Bravado manufacture a wonderful range of nursing and maternity bras, with a style to suit everyone's taste or budget.  Before you buy your bra, please measure yourself using the guide below.  If you are local to our stores you can always come in for a fitting with our trained staff.  If you are buying a bra specifically for nursing we recommend getting fitted at around 36 weeks, as Bravado bras which fit at this point of pregnancy should see you through the size changes after your baby is born and your milk arrives.

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Measuring Yourself for a Bravado Bra - Before you start

  • Make sure you are wearing an unpadded bra that is not a compression or a sports bra.
  • Stand straight and relaxed, with your arms down, and breathe normally.
  • If you can, ask someone to help you measure.
  • If you’re doing this solo, measure yourself in front of a mirror.

Write down the following measurements…

  • Chest — First measure around your chest. Place the measuring tape around yourself and position it right under your arm pits. Make sure that the measuring tape is above your breast tissue in the front, and running parallell to the floor in the back. Pull snug. Write down this measurement in inches. 
  • Bust — Measure across the fullest part of your breasts, right across the nipples. Place the measuring tape around your breasts. This is a loose measurement. Hint: Look in the mirror. Your breasts should fall at the centre point between your elbow and shoulder.

Finding your size:

  • Determine your band size: Take your chest measurement. If you have an odd number, round it up or down to the nearest even number (for example, 33.5 rounds up to 34, where 32.5 would round down to 32). This is your band size. 
  • Determine your cup size: Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and this is your cup size. Apply your cup size to the chart below. Hint: each inch is equivalent to one cup size, so you can count up (1=A, 2=B, 3=C and so on).

Choose your style:

  • The Orginal Nursing Bra: Ideal for during pregnancy and in the early days of breastfeeding when your breasts may change several cup sizes during the day.  The comfortable sports back makes this an ideal bra for sleeping in, providing support if you are engorged.  The Original Nursing Bra comes in 3 styles: Basic (B to C cup)  for light to moderate support; Plus (C to E cup) for moderate to full support and Double Plus (E to G cup) for full support and coverage. 

Original Bravado Bra Sizing Chart

  Basic Style Plus Style Double Plus Style
32-36 Small (B Cup) Small + (C-D Cup) Small++ (DD to F Cup)
36-40 Medium (B-C Cup) Medium+ (D-E Cup) Medium ++ (F-G Cup)
38-42 Large (C-D Cup) Large+ (DD-E Cup) Large++ (F-G Cup)
42-46 Extra Large (C-D Cup) Extra Large+ (DD-E Cup) Extra Large++ (F-G Cup)


  • The Silk Seamless Nursing Bra: is the perfect nursing bra to help you feel feminine and comfortable while you’re pregnant and nursing.  Cups unclip and drop down and away from your body, giving baby complete access and providing skin-to-skin contact that is so very important, especially in the early stages of breastfeeding. The cups are super stretchy so will expand and contract as your breast do when your milk comes in and as your baby feeds during the day.



HOTmilk Pregnancy & Nursing bras

To establish your band measurement, measure directly under your bust. Place the tape measure around your torso, just under your bust. Check in a mirror side-on that the tape is level and straight around your body. Take a firm measurement.

To establish your cup, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Check in a mirror side-on that the tape is level
and straight around your body. Take a loose measurement, rounding up not down.

For example if you measure 32 inches around the rib and 39 inches around the chest your bra size will be 36D.

Underbust/rib (band) measurement in inches  25-26.5    27-28.5   29-30.5   31-32.5   33-34.5    35-36.5   37-38.5   39-40.5 
Band measurement of bra  30  32  34  36  38  40  42  44
Overbust measurement in inches                
 Cup Size A  30.5-31  32.5-33  34-35  36- 7  38- 9  40-41  42-43  44-45
 Cup Size B  31-32  33-34  35-36  37-38  39-40  41-41.5  43-43.5  45-45.5
 Cup Size C  32-32.5  34-34.5  36-36.5  38-38.5  40-40.5  41.5-42.5  43.5-44.5  45.5-46.5
 Cup Size D  32.5-33.5  34.5-35.5  36.5-37.5  38.5-39.5  40.5-41.5  42.5-43.5  44.5-45.5  46.5-47
 Cup Size DD  33.5-34.5  35.5-36  37.5-38  39.5-40  41.5-42  43.5-44  45.5-46  47-48
 Cup Size E  34.5 - 35  36-37  38-39  40-41  42-43  44-45  46-47  48-49
 Cup Size F  35 - 36  37-38  39-40  41-41.5  43-43.5  45-45.5  47-47.5  49-49.5
 Cup Size FF    38-38.5  40-40.5  41.5-42.5  43.5-44.5  45.5-46.5  47.5-48.5  49.5-50.5
 Cup Size G    38.5-39.5  40.5-41.5  42.5-43.5  44.5-45.5  46.5-47  48.5-49  50.5-51
 Cup Size GG    39.5-40.5  41.5-42.5  43.5-44.5  45.5-46.5  47-48  49-50  51-52
Cup Size H    40.5-41.5  42.5-43.5  44.5-45.5  46.5-47.5  48-49  50-51  52-53


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